The Importance of Post Accident Drug Testing

As an employer, you likely rely on pre-hiring drug screening and even possibly random drug testing as a way to protect your company and your employees. However, have you ever considered the importance of post accident drug testing? If you have had an accident on your job site, drug testing may be beneficial as part of the investigation.

What Type of Test You Should Choose

When it comes to workplace drug testing, you have a few different test options. The traditional five-tier test that’s often used during hiring screens for five different major drugs, including opiates and amphetamines. However, in the aftermath of a workplace accident, you need to consider more extensive testing to ensure that there were no drugs affecting the employee’s actions. A ten-tier test gives you a far more comprehensive screening.

How To Handle Post Accident Drug Testing

To ensure the highest level of accuracy in drug test results, order the testing to be completed within a few hours of the accident. To avoid any unfair targeting or discrimination considerations, have everyone involved in the accident tested, not just one party. Wait for the results of the drug testing before you make any determination on how to proceed following the accident.

Drug testing after workplace accidents can save your company significantly in unnecessary workers’ compensation claims.