When to Buy a Monoline Property Program?

Monoline Property Program

Sometimes there are uncertainties within an industry that many insurance policy packages won’t cover. A monoline property program is one way to offset costs that may arise due to those risks. If you are unfamiliar with monoline insurance policies, here are three ways this insurance coverage option can benefit you.

High-Risk Exposure

If you are in an industry that many consider high-risk, often purchasing a monoline property program is a wise way to ensure your organization doesn’t go uncovered. Sometimes policies will include property liability but will exclude product liability. In this instance, monoline insurance helps provide comprehensive coverage.  

Larger Organization

Many large businesses need to supplement package policies because insurance companies prefer to limit additional property or large liability risks. If your company falls into this category, a monoline policy may help you diversify risk and provide necessary coverage. 

Niche Business

It’s uncommon for unique business owners to go without a commercial monoline policy. This is because underwriters in this field are often specialists in the offered coverage. This gives them the ability to better assess your company because of their experience.

Having a monoline property program in place is especially beneficial to organizations that experience high risks, are oversized and unique. With a supplemental plan, you can ensure comprehensive coverage and mitigate unexpected financial damages.